The firm advises companies of all sizes. It generally uses a global client-centric approach, but can also provide “on-demand” services on sensitive, or recurring matters, or in case of a business emergency.

The firm covers a broad array of legal needs, ranging from the legal implications of a strategic shift to day-to-day support of the client’s team on operational issues.

The firm helps clients prioritize their legal work, and can oversee its implementation.

The firm’s wide experience dealing with business legal issues in France, Europe, and worldwide over the past 25 years allows clients to benefit from real-life case studies upon which they can build their own solutions.

Companies without in-house legal resources can rely on the support of the firm to provide readily available and reliable expertise to confidentially perform their legal work on a daily basis.

The firm can also perform legal monitoring for its clients and provide best practices for the proper handling and use of the legal information relevant to the client’s business and activities.